Stress management program
Employee stress affects productivity.
Stress hinders a person's ability to adequately assess a situation and make the right decisions.
Negative effects of stress:
Productivity decreases
Physical health deteriorates
Mental (behavioral) health is impaired
Alcohol/drug use increases
Goal of the program
To enhance productivity by reducing the negative impact of stress on employees' personal lives and health
Objectives of the program
- Provide employees with up-to-date information on the nature of stress and offer assistance to reduce stress. No matter the cause of stress, excessive stress will impact all areas of an employee's life, including success at work. That is why Corporate Health offers a program to build stress resistance for workplaces - that is, the employer offers employees ways to build skills that will allow them to control stress while remaining productive and involved in work.

- Increase awareness of the manifestations of stress in various areas of life. Individuals vary in their response to stress and employees exhibit different degrees of stress tolerance.

- Help employees recognize individual "warning signs" of stress, e.g., poor sleep, irritation, excessive use of medications, increased use of nicotine and alcohol, and isolation - all of these are advanced signs of stress. We help employees understand their personal reactions to stress in order to reduce existing stress and/or become aware of its early signs.

- Offer counseling and coaching to enable employees to resolve problems that cause stress.
Corporate Health Services under
the Stress Management Program offers:

Seminars and training to enable employees to measure their level of stress and develop management skills to reduce stress
Information and practical instructions for managing stress
Consultation for individual employees to identify and solve problems that create stress
Integral analysis of causes of employee stress
A confidential report on the prevalence of stress among employees, interpretation of its root causes, and recommendations for further steps to reduce stress
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