Smoking cessation program
Smoking is an extremely unhealthy employee behavior that can result in considerable economic loss for your company.
Smoking shortens life by 12-15 years and leads to the loss of qualified employees. Smoking is one of the two main causes of premature mortality in Russia.
Due to smoking, the duration of absence from work due to illness increases. Smokers are sick 9% more often and spend more days in the hospital than non-smokers.[1]

Lundborg P. Does smoking increase sick leave? Evidence using register data on Swedish workers. Tob Control 2007;16(2):114-8.
Employees who smoke spend considerable time smoking. When they are absent from the workplace in order to smoke, overall productivity decreases.
According to the American Association for the fight against lung diseases, smokers experience more accidents at work than non-smokers due to a decrease in attention and reaction rate.
Quitting smoking has a powerful healing and restorative effect on the human body:
36 hours
During the first 36 hours, the level of carbon monoxide in the blood decreases to normal.
48 hours
Within 48 hours, the nerve endings adapt to the absence of nicotine and the sense of taste and smell are restored.
First week
During the first week, the risk of myocardial infarction is reduced, respiratory function improves, and reduced vessels begin to relax.
2 weeks - 3 months
In the period from two weeks to three months, the blood supply normalizes, lung function improves by approximately 30%, and a healthy appearance is restored.
1-9 months
In the period from one to nine months, fatigue, cough, nasal congestion, and respiratory failure decrease. The risk of lung infections is reduced.
5 years
After 5 years without nicotine, the death rate from myocardial infarction is reduced to the level typical of non-smokers.
10 years
After 10 years of abstinence, the risk of developing lung cancer is reduced to the level typical of non-smokers, and the risk of developing other forms of cancer diminishes.
Goal of the program
To improve business efficiency and employee health through smoking cessation
Objectives of the program
- Create a program that employees can contact to get help quitting smoking

- Ensure that the company's policy is in accordance with legislation regarding the prohibition of smoking during working hours and in public places

- Inform employees about the possibility of getting help with quitting smoking

- Evaluate the results of the program, create a confidential report, and provide recommendations to improve program effectiveness

Corporate Health as part of
the Smoking Cessation Program offers:

  • Development of a plan for the implementation of the program in the company
  • Support in the development of relevant changes to company policy
  • Informational support: posters, brochures, leaflets, presentations for intranets, and other materials for employees that indicate how to get for help
  • Seminars for employees and managers
  • Help for staff who apply to the program through a series of individual or group counseling sessions
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