Alcohol/Drug abuse and addictions intervention program
80% of employees referred to the program by their employers accept help offered and solve problems.
The biggest part of the impact of alcohol overuse on the safety, productivity and health is hidden. If an employee turns up at work under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it means that the problem has already gone too far. Our program aims to identifying and solving problems caused by alcohol and drugs overuse in the early stages.
Program goal:
To improve safety and workforce productivity, to improve employees' health by reducing alcohol and drug abuse.
Program aims:
– to upgrade the company policy and procedures regarding alcohol and drugs use;

– to develop or change the company policy and procedures of drug and alcohol testing;

– to develop the system of early identification of drug and alcohol abuse on the base of performance criteria;

– to create the assistance system for employees (EAP);

– to help to implement the administrative referrals;

– to inform employees about the change of attitude to alcohol and drug abuse and assistance possibilities;

– to help managers to master new management tools.
Services of "Corporate Health"
in frame of the program:

Research on the prevalence of problems caused by alcohol and drug abuse at the enterprise
Assistance in the development and improvement of company policy
a. Assistance in the development of company policy material regarding alcohol and drug abuse

b. Assistance in defining the program implementation plan

c. Assistance in changing the system of disciplinary procedures and its transformation into the system of corrective actions
Review of alcohol and drug testing procedures existing in the organization and advice on their improvement
Expert assessment and offer of appropriate assistance
Presentations for top-management
Presentation of the program for employees and managers, handouts
Training on effective referring of problem employees to the program for managers
Training on effective referral of employees with medical signs of alcohol and drug abuse to EAP for medical staff of company
Outcomes assessment and recommendations on enhancing its efficiency
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