Employee Assistance Program
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a counseling service offered at the workplace by employer that helps to solve employees' personal issues that impact on their private life and on work productivity, develops employees' safe behavior and contributes to their wellbeing.
We can help in all areas:
Difficulties in relationships between spouses/partners, friends and close relatives.
Family problems
Conflicts with children, care for elderly relatives, illness of a family member, difficult relationships with relatives.
Emotional problems
Anxiety, depression.
Problems at work
High levels of pressure, disappointment, conflicts with co-workers, difficulties in communication with clients and customers.
Serious personal problems
Overuse of chemical substances, addictions, serious personal problems.
Financial and legal questions
Financial and legal difficulties are among the most common ones. They cause additional stress. In these situations people need professional help.
These problems often stay invisible at work.
42% sick leaves are caused by employees' personal problems, not by physical illnesses. (BHSF data )
85% of employees are not ready to share their personal problems with their co-workers. (BHSF data)
Prevalence of problems
In Europe up to 27% of adults at least once a year face the challenge that impacts their mental health. They need professional assistance without which it's impossible to work efficiently and cope with requirements of everyday life. (WHO data)*
On average each employee has a 8,4-day-sick leave because of problems not related to his physical health (BHSF data )*
EAP implementation allows:
- To cut the number of accidents and injuries.
- To reduce the levels of absenteeism and presenteeism.
- To reduce staff turnover rate.
- To enhance employees' motivation and engagement.
- To create favorable moral climate in the team.
- To enforce the image of socially responsible employer.
Employee Assistance Program features:
– specific professional counseling that includes a particular problem assessment and collaborative development of an individual action plan to solve the problem;
– guaranteed confidentiality to the employees reaching for help;
– program services are free of charge for eligible individuals;
– program services are available for direct family members of employees;
– all services utilization is voluntary;
in case of a serious problem an employee may be referred to external resources (long-term or specific counseling, support groups);
– administrative referrals to EAP.
Main features of Employee Assistance Program
To successfully integrate and launch EAP in the company our specialists carry out a range of measures and provide materials for its implementation.
EAP services for employees
Program services for supervisors, managers and HP-specialists
Free access to services 24/7/365 through a phone number 8-800... or web-site
Consultations on personal (psychological) matters. Defined number of sessions per case. Number of cases (referrals) is unlimited
Phone consultations on legal and financial problems
Chosen consultant will contact employee not later than one working day since intake date
Consultation will be arranged in convenient time for employees within 2-3 days from the date since intake.
Face-to-face and remote consultations.
Provision of information about accessible resources.
Lifestyle/work services: search for child-care and care for elderly people resources and others
Seminars on employees' wellbeing
Assistance in effective referrals of difficult employees to EAP based on declined work performance
Algorithm of administrative referrals to EAP
Unlimited number of phone consultations for managers in case of employees' problem behavior
Reduction of negative impact on performance and safety management
Support of staff management in critical situations, organizational changes and staff layoffs
Presentations and trainings on managerial referrals to EAP
Feedback from users and counseling efficiency assessment
Regular reports on level of EAP services utilization and the annual report with trend analysis and recommendations on efficiency improvement
EAP cost efficiency
International studies show that return on investment in the employee support program may exceed its costs by 4-15 times.

With the correct implementation and EAP management a company may expect the return on investment due to declining impact of human factors on business in general. ROI > 500%
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