Wellness & Wellbeing
Wellness & Wellbeing programs were developed by specialists in corporate behavioral health.
Main factors that reduce business efficiency
Besides safety breaches that cause work injuries, accidents and equipment damage, there are other negative factors that affect business:

Employee absent at work
for any reason
Employee is present at workplace but not able fully concentrate on job assignments
Decline of motivation and engagement
Employee does not associate with the company, do not try to do best, not interested in work process, and perform duties formally.
Wellness & Wellbeing Programs create a resource which gives employees opportunity to reach out for professional assistance to solve their personal issues, and cope with distress that impacts wellbeing and job performance. In our programs we use measurable criteria and apply tools tailored to an organization's specific needs.
Wellness & Wellbeing Programs relate to the field of mental behavioral health and include the following elements:
Common elements of Wellness & Wellbeing programs:
✓ Specific counseling/coaching

✓ Information and awareness-raising

✓ Set of EAP promotion tools:

– letters to employees and their household members;

– posters;

– brochures and leaflets that can be adapted to the company standards;

– meetings at which we present services, answer questions about confidentiality and voluntary involvement, counseling and specific features;

– topic seminars and trainings that are conducted to draw employees' attention to particular issues that the programs can help with, e.g. dealing with difficult clients, nurturing kids, stress resilience, etc ;

– quarterly newsletters about practical self-care: healthy nutrition, after-holiday stress management, adaptation to work schedule and other topics.

✓ Managerial referrals:
Supervisors and managers get the opportunity to refer problem employees to EAP effectively.

Most part of EAP users reach out for counseling on their own, thus preventing workplace problems: employees solve issues before it may impact their job performance.

In this case when employee performance becomes inappropriate, manager gets opportunity not to be involved in employee's personal problem or become a counselor, for it is beyond his competence and scope of job duties.

In case managers and supervisors follow the algorithm of referral, more than 80% of problem employees accept help. The decision about the participation in the program stays voluntary.
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