Psychological first aid in critical events
When a traumatic event occurs at work every employee is negatively affected to some extent.
Critical events a natural disaster, earthquake, fire accident, flood, terrorist attack, death of a colleague or violence negatively affect employees' productive capacities and disturb their morale. The company needs to respond to these events quickly and appropriately to minimize consequences and help employees to recover and restore their wellbeing and perfoormance

Program goal:
Минимизировать влияние критического события на компанию
Program aims:
– To reduce the impact of the critical event consequences on employees' productivity and wellbeing;
– to inform employees about "normal reactions" to abnormal events;
– to provide employees with information about the ways of taking care of themselves in a difficult time;
– to inform managers about staff management in the crisis period;
Services of "Corporate Health" in frame of the program:
Consulting session with top-management: discussion about the company's problems, provision of information about difficulties and management in the crisis period and in long term prospective
Individual consultations for managers on principles of management in difficult period
Consulting session with employees for discussing the consequences of the critical event, possible symptoms and self-care
Assistance with personal problems that can occur or worsen as a result of a critical event
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