Health risk assessment.
Biometric testing.
Goal of the program
To improve the health of workers and reduce the number of days of disability and the associated losses for the company
Objectives of the program
- Identify employee health risks
- Provide assistance if there are signs that employees are at risk
Corporate Health offers:
Biometric testing of employees. This procedure reveals the risks of individual employees for developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
Collection of information about aspects of employees' lifestyle that contribute to the development of health risks, e.g., smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, poor dietary habits
Provision of up-to-date and accessible information on health risks and positive lifestyle changes
Individual coaching in case of detection of health risks. After collecting information and determining health risks based on individual parameters, the employee receives recommendations for behavioral changes. The employee can discuss these recommendations over the phone with a coach who knows which changes will be most effective within the context of the employee's current lifestyle. The coach will suggest alternative ways to improve health that are in harmony with the life of the employee and offer a high probability of success.
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